Mohamed Salah Mbarek Midox Tunisian, Senior Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Radio Anchor and Producer

Influence Marketing in Tunisia

The Influence Marketing Market is becoming more and more an established sector in Tunisia as we have more than 1,000 influencers. But every market needs a specific study to be made upon to understand its overall details. This is precisely what Tawa Influence Hub is presenting you in this article and the Infographic provided along based on our Influencers database that has more than 2000 influencers. Dear Marketers, read carefully.

More than half the Influencers are females, while men represent only 32.68%. Women also represent the majority in different age slots, especially between the age of 25 to 34 years old. The Talents are mostly based in Tunisia and other big cities like Sousse and Sfax, whereas a small percentage is scattered throughout the country and represents a minority.

This geographical imbalance is due to the concentration of different brands and economic activities in those areas, which is very convenient for influencers that live there.

As for the categories, women dominate all the classes and interest centers except for Gaming and technology, in which men represent 98% since women are not very tech-savvy and men have always ruled the gaming industry with a minuscule presence of females. For Fitness and celebrity categories, men and women percentile is relatively equal with slight domination of women when it comes to fitness as they’re becoming more and more involved in following an overall healthy lifestyle and maintaining high fitness levels. As for Food Beauty & Lifestyle, the men represent less than 30% which is not a surprise since these are the most trending and money generating topics for women, and they are the experts in this domain. By now, you should be wondering which categories are ruled by men? Here are some additional stats that can help you in different campaigns: Entrepreneurship represents overall 2.36%, in which females represent only 22% and males 78%. We can’t forget music and vlog influencers that represent 8% and 1% out of the entire database at TAWA Influence Hub and that males dominate.

You can log in now on TAWA Influence Hub to create accurate, personalized and targeted campaigns by selecting different filters such as gender, age, localization, categories and other metrics such as engagement rate in order to ace your campaigns in Tunisia.

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